Monday, March 7, 2011

Modern Weekly

"In comparison, wood is more closely related to our temporal,
elemental understanding than other materials. This quality and
closeness lends itself to an accessible, evocative conversation
helping connect us to larger natural cycles both subtle and obvious.

There are rules and techniques particular to woodwork that not only
re-enforce a natural connection but also help forward craft traditions
and a cultural connection as well. Turning, in this respect, connotates
some sort of cultural recognition of craft to the extent that the works
are valued and that doing the work is deemed valuable. To me it pushes
the question of craft in our society as measured against other cultural media
and influences. The work rides the edge between functional and purely decorative.

I question what "language" or types of communication are universal,
and strive to reveal and connect with this aspect of being in my work".
- Joshua Vogel

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